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You may be wondering and/or saying to yourself, “How can a couple of– 3– women over 30, say they are going on an expedition when they rent a hot little mustang convertible and use to drive themselves to a spa in the desert that has soda and arsenic hot springs?  Sure, it is all in the name of research, I get it! ”

Imagine the planning.  Imaging the pleading with the husband:  Say–this is on my bucket list.  Say–I don’t know what the heck an Earthship is, but I gotta get outta here, we have had more snow than the city planners know what to do with and I am worried my 2 and a 1/2 foot toddler will fade into the landscape if I leave her/him out there for too long.  (We have had record snowfall in Anchorage this year…).

What about the money?

What about the children?

What about work?

What happens when you get stuck in a wind storm in Albuquerque, New Mexico?

What happens when you get trapped in the mountains of Arizona in a freak snow storm in April?

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