TogetherFarm – Everything is Awesome!

The boys love to "help" in the garden

My kids are obsessed with LEGO (the plural of LEGO doesn’t have an ‘s’) and we have them all over our living room. All. Over. And LEGO games. LEGO Marvel is played for a couple of hours a week, as is LEGO DC. We already played LEGO Harry Potter, Star Wars and Indiana Jones. I love them all. As they say in the LEGO Movie, everything (LEGO) is awesome!

So, when I saw TogetherFarm on Kickstarter last year I jumped on board. TogetherFarm has made LEGO-like bricks, made from food-grade recycled plastic,  for enclosing raised bed gardens  – you can buy them now on Amazon. The sets are pretty small but our plan is to combine our set of blocks with our Nourishmat system, also something we funded on Kickstarter, or the “Salad-a-Day” seed pack that came with our 4’X4′ set of blocks.

The boys are already interested in gardening but I feel like they need their own garden space, not just mine. They can use these tools to help them learn and get started, with guidance from me. Not exactly permaculture for kids but I like how many fun tools there are to involve children in the garden.

Green Christmas – Lego key holder

Yeah, I might just need to make this when I get home tonight. Kevin already has a Lego guy on his keychain so we may as well just take this one step further.

Update: We made one yesterday but it needs a little work still. Finley added quite a bit of Lego decoration to it so it looks extra spiffy. :/  Anyway, I’ll keep working on it because I love this idea.

Design Milk's Lego key holder

Design Milk’s Lego key holder